Best SEO tools to 5X your organic traffic in 2022

SEO Tools

SEO is known as Search Engine Optimisation. SEO helps to improve website visibility and ranking in search engines. SEO Tools provide data and statistics on overall website health and errors. SEO tools play an important role in content and SEO strategy.

There are the following SEO tools, likewise:

Trends on Google:

Google Trend is a free tool that is provided by Google. They’re tools used for a particular region or country’s statistics. These websites also show graphs and statics and also help with new statics.

Google Search Console – SEO tools

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a free web service provided by Google. It’s used for website traffic, errors, and overall health. This service is also called Google Webmaster Tools. It’s basically a website monitoring tool.

Google Analytics – SEO Tools


Google Analytics is a free web service provided by Google. It’s used for website analysis and overall website. These tools provide various useful information, such as complete website statistics. This tool is now owned by the Google Marketing Platform.

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Screaming Frog – SEO Tools

Screaming frog is a great way to find images on your site. Simply put, it crawls your entire site and stores the image URLs in a local database. From there, you can download them into a spreadsheet for easy management.

On-Page Tools

The first tool that I use on my pages is the “Text-to-Image” tool from This tool allows me to add text to any image on my page. You can choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors and even align the text to the left, center, or right.

Text Tool

Next, I use the “Text Tool” from This tool lets you create text boxes and edit them at any size and position. You can change the font, color, and alignment of your text box.

Image Tool

Finally, I use the ‘Image Tool’ from This tool allows you to insert images into your web pages. You can resize the image, rotate it, flip it horizontally or vertically, and even move it around your webpage.

Competitor Analysis

Competitors are the websites that are currently doing well online. You need to determine where they are getting traffic from (organic vs paid) and then figure out how you can best compete against them.

Website Audit – SEO Tools

A website audit is a quick way to check the performance and health of your website. I use a plugin called Wp-Site Audit. This allows me to see what plugins are installed, how many posts have been added, how many pages have been created, etc.

Alexa Toolbar – The Alexa toolbar gives you insight into data about your own website. Find out how people reach you through search engines and direct traffic. 3. Bing Webmaster Tools – If you want to learn how many visits you receive each month, where your visitors come from and what types of keywords bring them to the site.

SEOmoz Rank Checker – To analyze your rankings and keywords that drive traffic to your site, visit

Yahoo! Search Traffic Estimator – To estimate traffic generated by different keywords, go to

Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer allows users to find out what words are popular on It provides keyword suggestions based on user queries, tracking trends over time, and finding out whether certain words have increased or decreased in popularity.

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SEO Checker – SEO Tools

SEO Checker is a tool that helps you check your website’s SEO status, analyze keywords positions in search engines, and track search engine traffic. This is a free online service that checks your page content against our pre-defined list of keywords.

Ahref – SEO Tools

AHRF – Automatic Hashrate Finder; This tool helps people who use hash rates like yourself, but don’t know how much they are producing each day. Simply enter your hashrates into the search bar and hit calculate! You can then view your current results and compare them against last week’s or even a month’s worth.


 Cloud flare Speed Test; This quick speed test will tell you exactly what kind of speeds your website is capable of, this way you can check if the site is optimized correctly for mobile devices.

Google Page-speed Insights; This tool will show you everything about your site from page load time to security issues within seconds. No need to wait for hours for a single report!

GSA Search Bar; This simple search bar allows you to find any website without having to go through multiple steps. Just type in the name of the website, press enter, and voila!

Open Graph Meta Tags; This service allows you to add meta tags within the header of your website. There are several different options that allow you to change the title, description, and image URL.

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SEMrush – SEO Tools

SEM rush

This tool helps in finding keywords that are related to your business. It’s best suited for local businesses but can still benefit non-local ones. This nifty tool enables users to conduct research online to find out how many people search for something, then use this information to help drive traffic to their site.

SEMrush also provides insights into how effective certain keywords are at driving targeted traffic.

Moz Bar (Keyword Research Tool)

The MozBar is a keyword research tool developed by Google, specifically designed to identify popular and profitable keywords. Users can enter specific words/phrases and get suggestions about what they might rank well for.

There are two versions – Free and Pro. The free version gives only 10 searches per day while the paid version allows 100 queries.

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