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Climb the Search Ranks: SEO Audits Backed by a Powerful Strategy

DigiComet’s SEO strategies are tailored to the needs of every client.
Every SEO strategy depends on the business, business goals, industry and competitors.

3 Phases to Your SEO Success


We thoroughly explore your website to identify potential areas for growth. We also analyse your competitors' tactics and consumer behaviour to provide context to our research.


Evaluate keyword potential and prioritise high-impact opportunities for your SEO strategy. Develop a comprehensive plan based on data-driven insights to optimise on-page elements and content.


Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) like rankings, organic traffic, and conversions to measure SEO success.

What is a Free SEO Audit?

A free SEO audit is a valuable and cost-effective service provided by DigiComet to assess the overall health and performance of your website in search engines. It involves a comprehensive analysis of various on-page and off-page elements to identify areas for improvement and optimisation. During a free SEO audit, our SEO experts examine factors such as keyword usage, meta tags, content quality, website structure, backlink profile, mobile responsiveness, and more.

users new users nz seo agency christchurch

User growth & average engagement time increased 5X in last 12 months for this client.

Our SEO team has helped this small Kiwi business reach 5 times more than their intended user or audience reach in the last 12 months.

Outranking competitors with average position of 2.3.

We have helped this tradie outrank their 9 local competitors with more than 15 keywords in the top 3 positions.


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