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Those days are gone when a conventional website was enough to run any online business. But now you require something more. You need something powerful to know if your WordPress website is reaching its full potential or not. To understand how well your website is doing, there are some essential website metrics you should pay attention to.

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You may think, “How are these metrics necessary?” Everyone feels the same way. It’s useful for various reasons like it can turn into a critical web analytics tool for tracking the website’s performance and enhancing it.

When running a successful business, knowing your WordPress website’s performance is essential. However, several business owners use their ‘best guesses’ to make decisions rather than working with data. This is where tracking the metrics can help you make informed decisions and helps to grow your website with full confidence.

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Let’s Look at Some of the Essential Metrics to Measure on your WordPress Website

Number of Visits 

The number of visits is the foremost quantitative measure of your website‘s presence online. A  visit is a single instance of a different visitor accessing your website, & it may include several page views, as a visitor can browse a website without leaving it.

Returning Visitors 

In regard to visits, you might also want to look for the number of return visits. Depending on the kind of website you are running, the ratio of single to returning visitors may mean that your visitors do not appreciate the content, or there can be a possibility that the website does not contain the information they are looking for.

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Time and Duration of Visit 

The time of day or the day of the week, when you get the highest traffic, is the WordPress metric that can reliably tell you which is the well-suited time to publish on your website to reach the maximum number of visitors. In addition, visit duration is a perfect indicator of your website‘s bounce rate.

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WordPress Website  Posts & Pages 

The other useful thing is that- Which posts bring in the highest traffic and pages where your visitors spend maximum time. Most famous posts and pages are the ‘WordPress’ metric that can tell you just that. Once you get an idea about what type of content your visitors prefer, you will be able to create similar content and further drive the traffic numbers up.

Countries of Origin 

This WordPress metric is fundamental if you are serving an international audience. Of course,  knowing where your visitors come from can be useful when determining the content creation strategy and website language settings, marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and the like.

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Referrals are basically the links to your website on other websites, typically linking to your articles or blogs. The traffic that comes your way via them is referred to as referral traffic. If you know which websites link to your website, you will be able to find similar websites.

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Top Google Search Terms 

Related to the keyword research, you may want to know how your visitors got to your website.  While, for many visitors, it is through social media or another website, it will be through a search engine for many others. With Google being the most famous search engine globally, it stands to reason that you should concentrate on it when determining what brings visitors to you.

WordPress Website Outbound Links 

Now you can measure your WordPress website outbound link clicks. These are links on your website which take your visitors to other websites. There are many reasons your website content

may consist of links to other websites: perhaps you are referring to somebody else‘s article or blogs or are commenting on something somebody else has posted. Identifying which of your outbound links are highly clicked on can open up ample opportunities for cooperation as well as partnership.

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WordPress Website Demographics 

Another essential metric is user demographics. It helps you better understand your audience. You could then provide products that they’d prefer based on their interests. Demographics is a  significant term, but if you find your visitors predominantly belonging to a particular age or gender segment, you can make your original content & your ad content more relevant or interesting to them.

Other Traffic Sources  

There are many other ways people might reach your websites, such as social media, e-mail, paid search results, and other reach-extending means. In case you are running any reach program, it stands to reason that you should have to manage its effectiveness.

Summed Up: 

As you can see, there is data that matters more & data that matters less, & it all depends on the kind of website it refers to. We hope this blog post helped you find essential metrics to measure on your WordPress website. Need a WordPress website in New Zealand? Get in touch with DigiComet today. We offer complete website development services across NZ. We also develop Shopify websites, Woocommerce websites, Wix, Squarespace, and more.

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